Based on the vast experience in initiating, financing and project management, Hadar group participates in diverse projects in the field of energy and environment.

Today, the group’s partner has a number of strategic ventures related to energy infrastructures, water and sewage purification, which take into account complex environmental aspects.

The group operates a wastewater treatment institute in the area of the region in the north. The Institute is among the most advanced facilities in Israel, with an adequate capacity of 3.6 million cubic meters per year. At the end of the cleansing process, the Institute produces water wastewater on a secondary level designed for agriculture and sludge. The group now examines and plans in cooperation with the Water Corporation to promote the Institute so that the wastewater will reach the tertiary level intended for those who drink.

In view of the future and due to the success of the project, we strive to increase the involvement of the Hadar group in the field of infrastructures, energy and involvement in the protection of the environment.